University Food

This is what I ate today:

It cost only $1.75.  It was part of a quickie lunch in between holed-up-in-library studying/researching sessions.  It was good enough for me.  Right now, I truly have no life beyond my books and research.

Need help deciding on a sociological survey research topic!  One that “sells”, at least to my professor, who certainly has her finger on the “hot” pulse…Right now, I’m thinking of something to do with Media Stigmatization & Female Body Abuse; or Divorce & Children’s Self-Esteem.  The first one sounds “hotter”, so that is why there is a big whack of books on body/gender/consumption/stigma right by my side, waiting for me to finish this post and get crackin’.  Don’t let me change my mind – again!

(The most indecisive person)


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